I guess this is my opening post. I feel some sort of invisible pressure to make it really good.

I chose the name “Mind Stretch” for my blog. If you didn’t know that, you might want to be aware that you’re horrible at observing things. I chose this name because my blog is just that – a stretch of the mind. Call it thinking out of the box if you want. Either way, this blog should be a different approach to life. If you don’t know what I mean, read on.

I try to find the beauty in life. That’s one of my missions right now. There’s times when I can see it. I can see the beauty in the landscape. The majestic Vermont mountains in the background. That’s easy. Noticing how a grandfather’s eyes light up when he watches his grandson playing baseball on the field. That’s a little harder to see. When you do see it though, I feel like I share his joy.

I also like to ponder. I ask myself impossible questions and explore the possibilities for fun. Let’s take the human brain. That’s a good one. What are the capabilities? We haven’t even scratched the surface in knowing what our minds can do. How does it even work? The brain is mostly fat, right? How can that fat control our entire body down to our microscopic cells. My knowledge of science is limited, but the idea is still the same. Amazing things have been done through the power of our mind. Some people believe we have healing powers in our brain. I personally think we have a lot of locked power in our brain. We need to know how to access it. Take Lance Armstrong. He’s an amazing athlete that’s overcome incredible hardships. How can he keep pushing himself to do the things he does? Brainpower. He taps into his brainpower during the race and keeps driving himself. His brain pushes his body to the limit, fueling his muscles and driving his body past normal limits. He can beat men that are in much better shape than him through raw determination.

Think about that.

I think that was a pretty decent first post. It got a little rambly, but I got my point across. Until next time!